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Administration Of Estate

Upon a loved one's death who has no will or where no executor has been appointed, our Kate Pezler can undertake the administration of their estate. Once we have been appointed, we will be able to deal with the estate and distribute in accordance with the intestacy rules.

Our duty will be to:

  • Collect the assets of the estate
  • Pay off debts & liabilities of the estate
  • Distribute the remaining balance to the beneficiaries

In order for us to be able to carry out this duty we will need to be granted Letters of Administration by the court.


1. Where no Inheritance Tax is payable, our fees to obtain the grant only are from £1,475 plus VAT @20%

2. Where Inheritance Tax is payable, our fees to obtain the grant only are from £2,500 plus VAT @20%

3. If you wish our full service to administer the estate in its entirety, our work is chargeable at £220 per hour plus VAT @20%.

4. Our Deeds of Variation are £575 plus VAT @20%


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Ludlow Lane Solicitors are members of Resolution and subscribe to the Resolution Code of Good Practice, details of which can be found here.

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