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Divorce settlements: Is everything split 50/50 in a divorce?

All is fair in love and war. Apparently.  So when it comes to the divorce process and settlement agreements, splitting all assets and debts down the middle sounds like it would be the fairest solution. This can be the case in some instances, but not all. Just like no two people are alike, not all situations in divorce are the same. But…

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No Blame Divorce Comes Into Effect 6 April 2022

Much needed changes to the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act are coming into effect on 6 April 2022. At the moment, for a divorce to go through, one of the following five criteria need to be met: • Adultery • Unreasonable behavior • Separation for 2 years with consent • Desertion for 2 years • Separation for 5 years I’m sure you would agree that the procedure…

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Property Law: Co-Ownership Of Land

Trust. What comes to mind when you see that word? Well, trust can be a rare commodity these days. Gone are the days when “spitting on palms” and “shaking on it” was enough to go on. Usually something in writing is a better way forward. In a similar way, when it comes to the co-ownership…

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Inheritance Tax – What’s the Deal with it?

We all inherit something from our families. For some it might be that old oak dresser or a recipe book. For others, it might be an odd sense of humour or a glint in the eye. Many of these things are simply passed along without much thought or control over the matter. But when it…

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Bereavement Benefit for Cohabiting Couples

Being in a relationship with the end (or beginning?) goal of marriage is becoming quite rare. When it comes to long term relationships very few people feel it is necessary to get married. Or at times they are aiming for it but never quite get there with all the busyness of life. It is quite…

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Will My Gifted Savings Be Taxed?

Many people spend their lives evading tax, finding every conceivable loop hole or hidey hole to get away from paying “Caesar’s things to Caesar”. Inheritance tax is one of those dreaded and despised types of tax. Like someone having hacked a great big chunk out of your wedding cake before you get to cut it.…

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Child Maintenance Fees

When things go awry in families, of course it’s not only the couple that is affected. In an already stressful situation, it’s unfortunate that it’s so often the innocent children that pay the price in many ways. Parents are required by law to provide for their children no matter what the living arrangement may be.…

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What is the Court of Protection?

Do you have a relative or friend that no longer has the capacity to make sound decisions for themselves? Then you may be familiar with The Court of Protection. What is the Court of Protection? In English law, the Court of Protection is a superior court of record created under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.…

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Married at 16

While it may have been something our parents or grandparents frequently did, getting married under the age of 20 these days is not quite as common. Lovestruck teenagers excitedly tying the knot is one thing. But being coerced against your will into such a union by your family is quite another. Child Marriage Child marriage…

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