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Delays in Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings took four weeks longer in 2023 than in 2022, according to reports. Why would this be? There are a number of possible contributing factors. Let’s consider some of them: New Legislation The introduction of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020, which came into effect in April 2022, introduced mandatory waiting periods that…

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Honesty is the Best Policy – Especially during Divorce

As family law practitioners, our aim is to untangle complex personal situations and guide individuals toward a healthier future. But this can be hindered when clients are less than honest. There are various reasons someone might be dishonest during the divorce process: Financial Gain: They may seek to hide assets or income to minimise what they have to share…

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Communication during Divorce – Is Messaging a Good Choice?

While communication tools such as messaging apps can be convenient, there are several reasons why it might not be the best choice for communicating during a divorce process.  Here are some things to consider: Healthy Boundaries It is crucial to establish clear boundaries with communicationduring the divorce process. Determine which topics are best discussed in person, on a call or via email…

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Navigating Trust Disputes in Property Matters

When disputes arise regarding property held in trust, notices and restrictions become important tools in managing and resolving the conflict. Before making use of notices and restrictions, it’s crucial to have a solid grasp of the trust structure. It is wise to thoroughly review the trust deed, amendments, and any other relevant legal documents.  Identifying key clauses related…

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How to Avoid Legal Pitfalls When Cohabiting Relationships Break Down?

While staring lovingly into your partner’s eyes over dinner, the thought of discussing what will be done with possessions and dependents in case you decide you don’t like staring lovingly into your partner’s eyes over dinner anymore one day, may seem very unromantic. But being frank and clear from the beginning about all the other things that come with a relationship can save many…

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Family Law Myths – Cohabitation, Parental Responsibility and Pre-nups

If you missed our previous articles on the myths surrounding the process of getting a divorce and financial asset division during divorce proceedings, you can check them out here and here. Things can be complicated when it comes to parental responsibility after divorce and division of assets when cohabiting couples choose to go their separate…

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Family Law Myths – Asset Division

Last month we discussed some of the myths when it comes to getting a divorce.  If you’re about to begin with the divorce process and find yourself wondering whether you’re going to be able to keep the Aston Martin, you’ll want to read on.  Distribution of financial assets during a divorce can feel like a bit of a minefield. Here’s some…

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Will-writing – DIY or with a Solicitor?

As mentioned in a previous article about online divorce, we would be exploring the pros and cons of going the online route with will-writing. Like DIY divorce, there are similar concerns being investigated around the regulation of online will-writing services and their possible breach of consumer protection law. So here are some things to take…

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Family Law Myths – Divorce

There is a lot of information swirling around out there and sometimes it’s hard to know what’s fact or if someone’s trying to trick you into buying another hairdryer.

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Is Online Divorce A Wise Idea?

Covid changed a lot of things. Every cough must be “corona”. And we appreciate hugs a lot more. The pandemic also increased the amount of things we do virtually/online. Included in those things is writing up your will. And even getting a divorce. Strange times indeed. There are concerns about these services being unregulated and…

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