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Financial Claims After Divorce?

It can happen!

Take the highly publicised case of Dale Vince, self-made millionaire, and Kathleen Wyatt. Their divorce was granted in 1992 but their financial separation was left to one side. Mr Vince made his fortune by founding an eco friendly energy company, years after the couple had divorced yet the Supreme Court has ruled that Ms Wyatt may pursue her claim for financial relief. The courts have since awarded her a lump sum payment of £300,000.

All financial claims are opened in the Divorce Petition. These claims must be closed at some stage throughout the proceedings or you may find yourself in Mr Vince’s shoes.

It is well worth seeking legal advice before taking the first step in divorce proceedings otherwise you may find your divorce costly.

Ludlow Lane Solicitors offer fixed fee services in relation to divorce and financial matters, please contact us.

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