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Pandemic Vs Probate

The probate service has announced that waiting times for Probate has plummeted to only 5 weeks despite the difficulties faced during the pandemic.

It’s safe to say most sectors in the legal industry have struggled to avoid delays during the Coronavirus outbreak but the probate sector has had to work tremendously hard to keep up with the influx of probate applications received as a result of the increase of deaths over the past year due to the pandemic.

However, after an effective start to the year probate grants being received have now beaten the number of applications received. This may have been helped by the application for a grant of probate being moved to an online system allowing firms to easily send the form directly to HM Courts and Tribunals Service without the worry of postal delays.

Firms applying via the online service are waiting merely four weeks which can reduce to up to one week if there are no missing documents or errors. Although those applying using paper forms can expect to receive grants within eight weeks.

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