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Court Of Protection

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At Ludlow Lane we can assist our clients to make applications to the Court Of Protection. We help you to work out what forms you will need and we can also complete them on your behalf. Our team will also be able to make sure the application is processed by the Court of Protection quickly. Contact one of the team on 01737 551821

What Is The Court Of Protection?

The Court of Protection helps people who don’t have the mental capacity to manage their own affairs or make sound decisions. It has the power to make decisions for people about their money, property, health or welfare.

The Court can also give these powers to someone else like a relative or close friend who can manage their loved one’s affairs. This usually happens if there is a need to make decisions on a long term basis. If the Court gives these powers to someone else, they are called a Deputy.


How Do I Apply To The Court Of Protection?

You can apply to the Court of Protection for permission to make decisions for a loved one if they lose the ability to make their own. To apply, you’ll need to fill out a minimum of four forms and provide a doctor’s certificate. This certificate needs to confirm to the Court that the person can’t make their own decisions.

In some cases you may need to fill out an extra form, depending on what powers you’re applying for. You might only need the power to make financial decisions for your loved one. You could also choose to only make decisions on the treatment they receive in hospital.


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