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Residential Conveyancing

Residential Conveyancing is the legal process of purchasing or selling a house.

Solicitors are often hired to help with the sale or purchase of a house because the buyer / seller is not sufficiently familiar with the process. Where mortgages are involved, the lender will require a solicitor to be appointed to act for and on their behalf.

Our expert property lawyer, Robert Swinburne, is always happy to talk to clients and provide guidance throughout the process of buying or selling a residential property. We can advise in the complex area of residential property law, offering friendly and dependable support and legal advice.

We are committed to giving you as much help and guidance as you need, helping to ensure the sale or purchase proceeds without any complications.

Whether you are in the process of selling your home or buying a new home, we are well positioned to deliver market-leading services in a practical, cost-effective way.


Freehold Purchase

Our fees start from £1,275 plus VAT @20%

Freehold Sale:

Our fees start from £1,150 plus VAT @20%

Leasehold Purchase:

Our fees start from £1,375 plus VAT @20%

Leasehold Sale:

Our fees start from £1,295 plus VAT @20%


Please note that we reserve the right to charge additional fees for the following:

  • Gifted deposit: £75.00 plus VAT @20%
  • New build (purchase): £300.00 plus VAT @20%
  • Drafting and Preparing Deed of covenant: £80.00 plus VAT @20%
  • Drafting and Preparing Statutory declaration: £80.00 plus VAT @20%
  • Less than two weeks between completion and exchange of contracts: £100.00 plus VAT @20%




Land Registry registration fee (for transfer of whole with purchase price between £200,00 and £500,000) £150.00

Preliminary search fee (approx.) £250/£375 plus VAT @20%

TT fee (per transfer) £40.00 plus VAT

Bankruptcy search £2.00 per name plus VAT @20%

Land Registry search £3.00

Money laundering search (per name) £5.00 - £15.00 plus VAT @20%

Completing and submitting stamp duty land tax £75.00 plus VAT @20%

Solicitor’s Bank Account checker £12.00 plus VAT @20%


Official Copies (per document) £3.00

TT fee (per transfer) £40.00 plus VAT @20%

Client bank account checker £2.50 plus VAT @20%

Money laundering search (per name) £5.00 - £15 plus VAT @20%


Finally don’t forget there might be payments to others you will need to make such as Stamp Duty Land Tax, estate agent’s fees and on leasehold properties management agent’s charges. For further information, please contact us for an estimate.


Ludlow Lane Solicitors can help you sail through your house sale or purchase. Get in touch to find out more.


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