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Toxic Masculinity

In recent weeks, reality tv stalwart “The Only Way is Essex” has found itself under the spotlight following the behaviour of 2 of its stars, James Lock and Myles Barnett.

One uncomfortable scene involved James calling his girlfriend derogatory names. In another, Myles was screaming at his girlfriend in the street. It is extremely concerning to professionals that such behaviour seemingly normalises “toxic masculinity” as so eloquently put by Campaign manager for domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid, Sian Hawkins.

Her fears are that “as part of a pattern of a behaviour, it signals danger. It’s the kind of behaviour at Women’s Aid we recognise needs to be called out. If this is normalised by shows like TOWIE, it contributes to a culture that allows those behaviours to become normal as part of a relationship – we want to promote a balance of power.”

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