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Wills, Estate Planning & Trusts


A will is a legal document that allows you to set out instructions for who will inherit your estate and assets if the worst should happen. This can include how you would like your funeral, who should look after your children and any other wishes you have. Without writing a will your estate and assets will be distributed following strict rules, meaning your loved ones may be missing out.

Reasons to write a Will:

  • Choosing who will manage your affairs with the appointment of a Executor
  • Put in place guardians for your children or pets
  • Decide who receives your estate
  • The exclusion of people from your estate
  • Distribution of gifts, items and charitable donations
  • Making sure your children are cared for financially

Being prepared for the worst and helping your family and friends upon your passing can be hard thing to do. Working with our lawyers we will be able to advise you on the best possible way to maximize the inheritance for your family and to ensure that the will we write has the best chance of not being contested or subject to litigation.

Estate Planning

Should you choose us to represent you, our Kate Pelzer will be able to deal with the estate and distribute in accordance with the terms of your loved one's Will.

Our duty will be to:

  • Collect the assets of the estate
  • Pay off debts & liabilities of the estate
  • Distribute the remaining balance to the beneficiaries


1. Where no Inheritance Tax is payable, our fees to obtain the grant only are from £1,500 + VAT

2. Where Inheritance Tax is payable, our fees to obtain the grant only are from £3,500 + VAT

3. If you wish our full service to administer the estate in its entirety, our work is chargeable at £260 per hour plus VAT.

4. Our Deeds of Variation are £600 + VAT


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We are not tied into corporate targets, enabling us to offer a tailored service suited to each individual case.

Ludlow Lane Solicitors are members of Resolution and subscribe to the Resolution Code of Good Practice, details of which can be found here.

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