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Pandemic Vs Probate

The probate service has announced that waiting times for Probate has plummeted to only 5 weeks despite the difficulties faced during the pandemic. It’s safe to say most sectors in the legal industry have struggled to avoid delays during the Coronavirus outbreak but the probate sector has had to work tremendously hard to keep up…

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Holiday on Stamp Duty Land Tax Has Been Extended

After the first Coronavirus lockdown came to an end in July 2020, Chancellor Rishi Sunak introduced a holiday regarding Stamp Duty, in the hope to help the housing market recover after the pandemic. This was originally planned to last until 31st March but, to the relief of many, this has now been extended to 30th…

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Locked into an unhappy marriage

On 25th July 2018, 5 judges decided that Tini Owens must remain married to her husband of 40 years. Mrs Owens had filed her divorce petition citing her husband’s unreasonable behaviour as the ground for irretrievable marriage breakdown. Mrs Owens stated that her marriage made her feel “unloved, isolated and alone” and provided 27 examples…

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Civil Partnerships Open to All

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan have today won the right to enter into a Civil Partnership rather than get married. You may recall their campaign to enter into a Civil Partnership with each other suffered a huge setback in February last year when the Court of Appeal refused permission. In a historic landmark judgment, the…

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Grandparents to have automatic right to see grandchildren after divorce

When going through the process of divorce, the effect on relationships between grandparents and grandchildren can often be overlooked. Whilst one would assume that grandparents have automatic rights of contact with their grandchildren, that it is not actually the case. If a parent withholds contact between grandparents and grandchildren, the only way to have that…

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Is my divorce valid?

In light of recent media attention, you may find yourself asking exactly the same question. So what has happened? Firstly, you need to consider if you fall into one of the following categories: You started divorce proceedings on or before your 1 year anniversary – legal rules state that a petition must not be presented…

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Toxic Masculinity

In recent weeks, reality tv stalwart “The Only Way is Essex” has found itself under the spotlight following the behaviour of 2 of its stars, James Lock and Myles Barnett. One uncomfortable scene involved James calling his girlfriend derogatory names. In another, Myles was screaming at his girlfriend in the street. It is extremely concerning…

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A Royal Wedding

With the Royal Wedding fast approaching, it is inevitable that talk will turn to Pre / Post -Nuptial agreements. These agreements set out what would happen if the engaged couple go on to marry and subsequently divorce. But, are they binding? With the help of decent solicitors and the inclusion of certain key elements, they…

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Divorce in 25 Seconds?

Can this really be possible? The short answer is no. Following months of tabloid tales, Louise and Jamie Redknapp’s divorce is final. It concluded, so the media reports, in the Central Family Court in London on 29th December 2017 in a 25 second hearing by a judge who said she could not “reasonably be expected”…

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Financial Claims After Divorce?

It can happen! Take the highly publicised case of Dale Vince, self-made millionaire, and Kathleen Wyatt. Their divorce was granted in 1992 but their financial separation was left to one side. Mr Vince made his fortune by founding an eco friendly energy company, years after the couple had divorced yet the Supreme Court has ruled…

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